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Garage Doors

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Garage Doors - Sectional

Welcome to Crocodilla Ltd your premier garage door company for sectional and roller garage doors, sales, service and installation. We offer a unique installation service providing unparalleled value and safety with all of our top-quality electric garage doors.
Specialist providers of Roller, Vertical Roller, Sectional, Super Sized Sectional and Timber Sectional Garage Doors and Window Shutters for the home and business! Call us on +44 1794 367286

Roller Doors

We survey, quote, supply and fit the highest quality Roller and Automated Roller Garage Doors  manufactured by SWS UK and WM Shutters.

Sectional Doors

We survey, quote, supply and fit the highest quality Sectional, Super Sized Sectional and Wide Rib Sectional  Garage Doors  manufactured by CarTeck.

Vertical Roller Doors

The Roller Garage Door with a difference, the superb Vertical Roller Garage Door, surveyed, quoted and fitted by Crocodilla Garage Doors.

Garage Doors & Shutters

Roller Doors

Combining great design and excellent build quality our roller garage doors, from SWS & WM Shutters, offer attractive, effortless protection for your car.

Sectional Doors

Our sectional garage doors from CarTeck offer excellent build quality and automated effortless operation in the sectional design rather than roller.

Vertical Roller Doors

The vertical roller doors – SecuroGlide Vertico – from SWS offer a unique and stylish solution for any garage design, making the most of garage space.

Super Sized Sectional Doors

Super-Size doors start above 5.5m (18’0”) wide and reach 8.0m (26’3”) wide in a single span, all super-sized sectional garage doors are automated.

Timber Sectional Doors

Our timber sectional doors from CarTeck offer a choice of 5 surface finishes and 5 shades of Pine, Oak, Teak, Walnut and Untreated.


Made to measure Security Shutters provide an attractive and effective answer to the growing need for protection from burglary for the home and business.


Remote Control Garage Doors

How often do we drive up to the garage door in the rain and wish we didn’t have to get out of the car ! How often do we wish we had an automated, remote control operated garage door?

Roller Garage Door Specialists

Crocodilla Garage Doors specialise in remote control roller garage doors and sectional garage doors and low headroom solutions. As you drive toward your garage, one press of a button will roll up your garage door as you drive in. Perfect on a rainy or cold day, and once in, another press of the button will roll your garage door back down, closing it securely behind you.

Specialist Garage Door Engineering Firm

A garage door from Crocodilla comes with peace of mind, knowing a specialist engineering firm has installed your rolling garage door, and are there to maintain it, service it and repair it if damaged.and extremely skilled. When we say ‘extremely skilled’ we understate ever so slightly!